The Impact of 2022 World Cup to the African Sports betting industry

Five African nations are competing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and it is anticipated that an incredible 86% of the continents’ population in Sub-Sahara alone will be tuning into the matches, a new Geo poll study says. Sports-mad Africans from all other states in Africa are no exception too. Africa is home to world-class athletic champions, Safari Rally enthusiasts, and rising international rugby, football, tennis and other key games players.

Football is the most popular spectator sport in the continent which is why it’s an up rapid bets seasons for all sports-books in Africa just as it is for the rest of the world and mostly the US. That being said it’s key for most African sports-books to have aligned their offerings for the tournament to best suit the needs of most bettors mostly by plugging in the best CRM solutions to help them acquire more new bettors, awakening dormant ones and retaining existing ones, which is why all of us at SCCG management would like to re-emphasize reaching out to our partner client ““   if you haven’t already to make sure you don’t miss out on the juice.

Additionally, they’re key highlights to see out on this magnificent 2022 World cup as it’s unique in so many ways;

  • Senegal one of African football giants in the football arena is among the second group of teams to play on the 21st November after the opening by Qatar on the 20th which most likely will keep all Africans excitement for the tournament at the best high as a win is likely inevitable.
  • It will be the last World Cup to feature 32 teams before it’s expanded to 48 teams in 2026.
  • First time the tournament has been held in the Middle East – Qatar making it easier for many Africans to attend the tournament as Qatar is visa free to so many African nations.
  • First time the tournament to be held during winter season for most European countries and the UK making it a perfect time to explore the gaming industry before or after the tournament.

Unlike all other previous World cups this one has come in a time when most African countries’s internet and mobile phone penetration are at their best high following the over 24 months lockdowns during covid-19 pandemic paving way for more bets to be placed across the continent than before.

Football makes up a huge proportion of the international online sports betting market, especially in European nations like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. In fact, up to 90% of all sports wagers in the UK are placed on football. In Europe, even the most casual football fan will place a bet on the World Cup so will in Africa.

According to Sportradar one of the world’s leading sports data providers, bets on the World Cup totaled approximately €136 billion in 2018. The UK alone experienced a 50% upsurge in gambling activities from the 2014 World Cup to the 2018 World Cup. In fact, each game in 2018 experienced an average betting turnover worth €2.1 billion.  This year, that number is likely to be absolutely smashed as this is the first opportunity for American football fans to bet online, following the supreme Courts 2018 ruling that legalized sports betting. Plus, with “soccer” now more popular than ever in the States, we could see an all-time record which growth are largely expected to double across the African continent as well interms of bets turnover making the continent the new kid on the block to explore.

Conclusion: Reach out to us if you’re a sportsbook looking to expand or explore the African sports betting industry and we vanish you with feasibility market reports about any African market, assistance with license application & acquisition, partnerships or any other key needs in the African gaming industry.

By Najib Balinda

Nigeria introduces new gaming license for non-domiciled operators

Nigeria is set to introduce a new remote operator permit for offshore-licensed operators, allowing businesses to offer online gambling in Nigeria without a local presence. Businesses will be eligible for a remote operator permit if they already hold a licence in another jurisdiction and wish to offer their services to Nigerian players.It will allow operators to offer casino games, bingo, slots, sports betting and poker.

While this looks great for the non-domiciled operators will the locally licensed operators find this new permit fair to their businesses?

Are the stipulated fees for acquisition of this permit realistic or rather wayward?

See below key highlights while we shall plan to setup an online panel to hear thoughts of different top level gaming Professional’s views on this new move – Panelists will include our Co-founder Stephen Crystal among other top names in the industry we shall share soon!

Key Highlights

The permit will be valid for five years. Operators will pay an initial $100,000 to receive the permit, followed by fees of $50,000 in each of the next four years. The Nigerian National Lottery Regulatory Commission will issue terms and conditions which permit-holders must adhere to.

Holders of the new permit will be allowed to offer their services in Nigeria and to advertise within the country in print media or via affiliate programmes.

Key to the new regime will be an updated tax collection system, powered by UK-based fintech company E-Technologies Global Limited’s Sentinal product. This will allow payment providers to deduct taxes at the point of transaction and remit funds immediately to the Treasury.

Mohammad Nami, executive chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria, said the new system was an important way to boost tax revenues at a time when this was a major priority for governments everywhere.

“The world is entering a challenging time where there is a strong obligation on governments to increase tax revenue as a percentage of GDP so as to provide much needed funding for local infrastructure and public services.

“Nigeria needs to innovate and harness technology to ensure that online transactions are taxed and accounted for.

“We have been very impressed with the Sentinal system which allows us to not only collect tax revenues at source, but also provides us with tax reporting and monitoring tools in real-time. The system will integrate with our own TaxPro Max portal.”

Lanre Gbajabiamila, director general of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria, said that the country would welcome any offshore operators that pass its screening process.

“Online gaming continues to grow rapidly in Nigeria, particularly on mobile, and the adoption of E-Technologies’ Sentinal National Payment Gateway is a huge step to allow us to capture gaming duty at source,” he said.

“We are welcoming all responsible offshore gaming operators to apply for a remote operator permit as long as they pass all the relevant criteria including full AML screening and responsible gaming practices.

“We are proud to be the first country to adopt the Sentinal system and we believe it will bring a real national benefit to Nigeria.”

E-Technologies’ CEO, David Kicks, said the deal was a major step in the increased expansion of the regulated sector at the expense of grey markets.

“This landmark deal will herald a new era in rapidly opening new regulated markets for responsible gaming operators, as grey market operating becomes increasingly problematic,” he said.

By Najib Balinda, sourced from the Nigerian National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

A look into Zimbabwe’s gaming industry

In Zimbabwe, gambling has conventionally always been frowned upon as a social vice and vanity. Where it occurred, it was limited to the state lottery, horse betting and an odd casino.

Now, the tide has shifted. Sports betting shops, casinos and lottery gaming are cropping up rapidly in the country’s major urban centres as punters strive to make an extra coin and satisfy a growing appetite for gaming and gambling. Activity usually peaks when the football leagues around the world start.

Driven by rising poverty and unemployment levels currently estimated at 5.4% by the International Labour Organisation, many ordinary citizens, especially the youth because of being un-employed are increasingly turning to gambling.

Zimbabwe’s economy is in a fragile state with an unsustainably high external debt of around US$9.9 billion. This has led to a massive death of industries and high levels of self employment, capped in part by chronic liquidity challenges, structural bottlenecks that include power shortages, an infrastructure deficit and a constrained fiscal space.

“The industry has evolved with the advent of various players coming on board and offering diverse products, not necessarily related to thoroughbred horse racing. Products such as sports betting have begun trending. Other establishments have also introduced lotteries, scratch cards and limited pay-out machines outside the confines of traditional casino settings,”

Most of Zimbabwe’s major towns now have gambling businesses, with the capital Harare being the main hub. Most resort hotels also have casinos which are popular with tourists. The Lotteries and Gambling Board is the country’s regulatory body responsible for controlling and monitoring operations of the gambling industry through the Lotteries and Gaming Act which came into operation in 2000. The board also issues licenses to gaming operators.

Social commentators say gambling has its good and bad side. Edmos Mtetwa, a lecturer at the School of Social Work in Harare, sees the increasing rate of gambling as a social disease, motivated by economic reasons.

“Gambling became more rampant during the difficult years that preceded the introduction of the multiple currency system in Zimbabwe in 2009. It has now become a source or an additional source of livelihood for many,” he says.

Mr. Mtetwa, however, does not think gambling will provide solutions to socio-economic problems. “It will not alleviate poverty but instead swindle punters of hard-earned cash in addition to breeding a generation of young people who do not know right from wrong.”

Labour economist Godfrey Kanyenze says gambling has always been practised in the country but has grown in the recent past due to economic desperation and people trying to leverage for some income.

“People are under pressure from a non-performing economy so they are looking for quick wins because ordinary mechanisms for acquiring assets are limited,” noted Mr. Kanyenze, adding that the scale of gambling would lessen if the economy improved.

But Mr. Mhembere argues that socially, gambling is a form of recreation that can be lucrative to punters. “Social demand for gambling has improved with the advent of sports betting as the youth can now infuse their sporting interests with gaming interests. Economically, big bets laid on big events have the propensity to generate huge incomes for the entities involved,” he says.

With a combined population of over a billion people, many of whom are poor, gambling is becoming a popular activity in Africa. Legal casinos are known to operate in many countries among them Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana,Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, Gambia, Gabon, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana. But while the gambling industry in Zimbabwe is experiencing phenomenal growth, it contrasts with developments elsewhere in Africa where the industry is reportedly moderating.


Zimbabwe is ready for business

SCCG and Genius Gaming Consult Enter into Business Development Partnership for Africa

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management announced a business development partnership with Genius Gaming Consult of Kampala, Uganda, for the gaming market in Africa.

SCCG and Genius Gaming Consult enter into business development partnership for Africa

Crystal said of the announcement,

“We are extremely proud to be partnering with Mr. Najib Balinda, Genius Gaming’s Chief Business Development Officer – Africa, and their extended team. This group of seasoned gaming executives was a perfect fit for SCCG, both in terms of culture and vision, as we seek to build and extend the successes of the Casino Gaming, iGaming and Sports Wagering sectors within Africa. With a market whose revenue is expected to grow from USD 3B today, to USD 5B by 2030, largely concentrated in South Africa, we see tremendous opportunity for government regulated industry growth throughout the continent.”

With the collaboration of SCCG Management and Genius Gaming Consult, focusing on the growth and extension of regulated Gaming and iGaming for Africa at the B2B level, we are able to provide tremendous value to operators and suppliers who share this vision. Our ability to deploy turnkey services regionally, allow us to immediately add value to our business partners, including:

  • Feasibility Market Reports and Business Plans
  • License Application and Acquisition Support
  • Business Development and Management
  • Talent Acquisition and Placement
  • B2B Partnership Development and Negotiation
  • Due Diligence and Regulatory Reviews
  • Marketing and Advertising Support

This very special partnership between SCCG Management and Genius Gaming Consult allow us to bring the very best capabilities with respect to operations, systems, technology, platforms and content into Africa’s fast growing, high value Casino and iGaming markets.


Genius gaming consult (GGC) is a consulting firm servicing the gaming/gambling industry across Africa.Our services primarily include feasibility market report, B2B/B2C business development & management, operations setup/expansion, partnership setups, marketing and advertisement, license application and acquisition to sports betting, Casinos, Lotteries, Bingo & Esports operators, software & sports data providers, Slot machine manufacturers & service providers, investors, regulatory bodies and governments.


About SCCG Management

SCCG specializes in sports betting and data, developing worldwide brands, representation before governmental agencies for complex regulatory matters, intellectual property, and strategic business development within international, land-based casinos, internet gambling, gaming, esports, and entertainment markets.


Stephen A. Crystal

Mobile/WhatsApp: +1 702-427-9354


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SCCG and Uganda’s Genius Gaming Consult sign Africa-oriented business development partnership

Gaming and sports betting consultancy SCCG Management announced Monday a business development partnership with Genius Gaming Consult of Kampala, Ugandafor the gaming market in Africa.

Confirming the news, Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG, said: “We are extremely proud to be partnering with Mr. Najib Balinda, Genius Gaming’s Chief Business Development Officer – Africa, and their extended team. This group of seasoned gaming executives was a perfect fit for SCCG, both in terms of culture and vision, as we seek to build and extend the successes of the Casino Gaming, iGaming, and Sports Wagering sectors within Africa.”

Crystal cited projections that argue the African market, largely concentrated in South Africa, could grow from $3 billion today to $5 billion by 2030. “We see tremendous opportunity for government-regulated industry growth throughout the continent,” SCCG’s CEO added.

Through the collaboration of SCCG Management and Genius Gaming Consult, focusing on the growth and extension of regulated Gaming and iGaming for Africa at the B2B level, both parties would be able to provide “value” to operators and suppliers who “share this vision.” SCCG’s ability to deploy turnkey services regionally also allows it to “immediately add value” to business partners.

This includes areas such as feasibility market reports and business plans; license application and acquisition support; business development and management; talent acquisition and placement; B2B partnership development and negotiation; due diligence and regulatory reviews; marketing and advertising support.

This very special partnership between SCCG Management and Genius Gaming Consult allows us to bring the very best capabilities with respect to operations, systems, technology, platforms, and content into Africa’s fast growing, high-value Casino and iGaming markets,” the parties concluded.

SCCG Management partners with Genius Gaming Consult for African gaming market

The focus of the partnership will be to grow and expand regulated gaming at the B2B level in Africa.

A business development partnership between SCCG Management and Genius Gaming Consult (GGC) will look to develop iGaming in Africa. With B2B expansion and growth, SCCG will provide GGC with turnkey services and a plethora of options.

Steven Crystal is the Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, Crystal said: “We are extremely proud to be partnering with Mr. Najib Balinda, Genius Gaming’s Chief Business Development Officer – Africa, and their extended team.”

He continued: “This group of seasoned gaming executives was a perfect fit for SCCG, both in terms of culture and vision, as we seek to build and extend the successes of the Casino Gaming, iGaming and Sports Wagering sectors within Africa.”

Genius Gaming Consult is a consulting firm that services the gaming/gambling industry across Africa. The company’s primary services include feasibility market report; B2B/B2C business development & management; operations setup/expansion and partnership setups.

The company also deals in license application and acquisition to sports betting, casinos and lotteries.

SGGC will provide Genius Gaming Consult with services such as talent acquisition and placement, marketing and advertising support, and more.

Crystal went on to say: “With a market whose revenue is expected to grow from $3bn today to $5bn by 2030, largely concentrated in South Africa, we see tremendous opportunity for government regulated industry growth throughout the continent.”

In April of 2022, GGC announced another partnership with 888 Holdings. Named 888Africa, the new operator will launch four regulated markets on the continent. Christopher Coyne will serve as 888Africa’s CEO. He was formerly with the Stars Group.

Coyne said: “We are delighted to launch alongside 888. Partnering with 888 will give us access to a world-class brand, as well as a broad team of experts to support our growth plans, further enhancing our confidence in our future prospects.”

888 Holdings Chief Executive Itai Pazner added: “We are very excited to establish 888Africa alongside such an impressive roster of industry talent.”

888Africa to establish African joint venture

It’s Africa calling for a quintet of gambling industry veterans who have announced a new joint venture with online giant

Named 888Africa, the new operator will launch in four, still to be confirmed, regulated markets on the Mother Continent, offering 888 brands on a third-party platform that will be specifically designed and tailored for local punters.

The five pioneers comprise three former top executives of the Stars Group—Christopher Coyne, ex-Chief Marketing Officer; Andrew Lee, one-time MD of the group’s sportsbook; Ian Marmion, former Trading Director—and Alex Rutherford, ex-Editec Online, with Helen Scott-Allen, ex-CFO of Premier Bet. has invested a minority stake in the new African venture, with the option to buy the company outright.

Coyne, who will serve as 888Africa’s CEO, said: ““We are delighted to launch alongside 888.

“With our team of experienced professionals and significant knowledge of the African markets, it is our ambition to build the business towards market-leading positions in selected regulated markets across the region.

“Partnering with 888 will give us access to a world-class brand, as well as a broad team of experts to support our growth plans, further enhancing our confidence in our future prospects.”

Added Itai Pazner, Chief Executive of 888 Holdings: “We are very excited to establish 888Africa alongside such an impressive roster of industry talent.

“This new joint venture will launch 888’s world-class online betting and gaming brands to millions of new customers in the exciting and fast-growing African online market.

“The structure of this deal enables the group to invest in a strong business with high growth ambitions, without distracting focus from our core business and key strategic markets.

“We look forward to being a part of 888Africa’s journey as it grows its footprint and increases brand awareness, while also offering potentially significant long-term opportunities for the Group in the future.”

Kenya to launch new range of gaming advertising restrictions

Legislators in Kenya could soon be asked to vote on a raft of proposals that would look to limit the ability of the nation’s sportsbetting and gaming firms to advertise their wares over local broadcast media channels such as radio and television.

The Parliament of Kenya used an official Friday press release to assert that its Communication, Information and Innovation Committee is currently considering whether to add several amendments to the nation’s Gaming Bill of 2019 in an effort ‘to arrest the runaway emergence of betting and gaming propagated’ across the country’s broadcast media channels. The body disclosed that these deliberations are being led by Marakwet West representative William Kisang and will include engagement with multiple industry stakeholders and regulators such as the Communication Authority of Kenya and the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB).

Rapid revolution:

The drive to limit the appearance of gaming and sportsbetting-related television and radio advertisements comes only two months after Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured) signed off on a measure that more than halved operators’ blanket tax rate to 7.5%. This was soon followed by a move from the BCLB that allowed such enterprises to begin advertising their wares subject to a range of time and message constraints.

Attached anxieties:

However, the Parliament of Kenya declared that many of its members have since become concerned about the ‘harmful effects’ such commercials could be having on ‘unsuspecting Kenyans’ and the nation’s children. The body furthermore stated that some of these representatives are now subsequently arguing that any new rules on advertising from the BCLB should be obliged to ‘harmonize with the provisions of the programming code and classification’ set by the Communication Authority of Kenya and encompass more strict watershed provisions.

Read a statement from the Parliament of Kenya…

“In what may appear to be a late discovery by regulators that broadcast stations have taken advantage of a gap within the multi-agency sector regulating regime, the Communication Authority of Kenya has now called for a multi-agency approach in addressing these issues on a continuous basis.”

Extensive evaluation:

The members of the Communication, Information and Innovation Committee are furthermore due to take evidence from the Media Council of Kenya, which regulates the ethical conduct of journalists and media practitioners, as well as the Kenya Film Classification Board before deciding on what steps to take. Their recommendations could then be inserted as amendments into the Gaming Bill, which is simultaneously undergoing a long-awaited parliamentary review that could well result in a complete regulatory overhaul and higher licensing fees alongside the establishment of a national lottery and a supreme watchdog.

ICE London gaming trade show returns this week for first time since 2020

The world’s largest annual gaming industry trade show, ICE London, returns this week for the first time in more than two years.

Last held in early February 2020 – the last major trade show before the COVID-19 pandemic put the industry on hold – this year’s event will run from 12 to 14 April at ExCeL London with the conference, ICE VOX, running from 11 to 14 April.

The show had originally been scheduled 1 to 3 February but was postponed at the request of exhibitors due to concerns over the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

According to organizer Clarion Gaming, ICE London 2022 will feature more than 450 exhibitors, 160 speakers and representatives from 55 countries around the world.

“Reflecting on where the industry is two-years down the line, it is clear how much impact COVID has had on the land-based sector – in many countries the first to be forced to close and the last to be permitted to open,” said Clarion’s Managing Director – Gaming, Stuart Hunter.

“The return of in-person events could not have occurred soon enough. There’s something really positive about being able to sit down with colleagues, to share a drink or a meal and to talk face-to-face about opportunities, solutions, collaborations and what the industry does in order to rehabilitate and recover. This is a people industry and people-based sectors thrive on the oxygen of social interaction. Data from the events industry confirms that every returning exhibition has come back in the region of 30% smaller than its pre-pandemic version.

“My aspiration is for our customers to leave ExCeL London in a positive, upbeat and confident mood, equipped with all of the ideas, energy, imagination and determination to put the last two years behind them and plan for a prosperous future. ICE London remains the event where ideas are formed, new strategies formulated and where the future is written.”

SBC Awards North America 2021-DraftKings and BetMGM triumph

DraftKingsBetMGMIGT PlaySports, and Scientific Games were among the big winners at the glittering SBC Awards North America 2021 ceremony in New York City last week.

The inaugural edition of the awards saw an audience of more than 400 executives from the US and Canadian sports betting and igaming sector gather at The Edison Ballroom for a celebration of the industry’s achievements over the last 12 months.

The ceremony, hosted by YES Network’s New York Yankees’ clubhouse reporter Meredith Marakovits, saw DraftKings named Sportsbook of the Year and BetMGM awarded Casino Operator of the Year.

In the other operator categories, the independent judging panels selected Bally Interactive as Rising Star of the Year and Entain as Socially Responsible Operator of the Year, as PointsBet took the Marketing Campaign & Sponsorship honor and GAN collected the Social Gaming Operator prize.

The two awards that span the entire industry ecosystem saw Rush Street Interactive’s Richard Schwartz named Leader of the Year and Scientific Games recognized as Employer of the Year.

Rasmus Sojmark, Founder and CEO of event organizer SBC, said: “Competition for the SBC Awards North America was fierce across all the categories, underlining the staggering progress made by the industry here over the past three years.

“Huge congratulations to all the winners selected by our independent judging panels. To have succeeded against such a high standard of opposition is a real mark of quality that the team from the victorious companies can be very proud of.”

VSiN and Group claimed the respective Sports Affiliate and Casino Affiliate trophies, while a strong showing from Catena Media saw the company take silver awards in both categories.

IGT PlaySports enjoyed a successful evening in the supplier section, winning both the Platform Provider and Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product honors, and taking silver in the Industry Innovation of the Year category won by ArdentSky.

OpenBet collected the Sportsbook Supplier award, while Sportradar was victorious in the Sports Data / Living Betting Product category, and Boom Entertainment was named Rising Star In Sports Betting & Casino.

Scientific Games pocketed a second prize of the night with the Lottery Supplier of the Year title, while Evolution claimed the Casino Supplier title, Optimove won in the Acquisition & Retention Partner category, and Intelitics took the Marketing & Services Provider honor.

USAbility landed the Compliance Solution & Partner trophy, Sightline Payments triumphed in the Payment Solution section, and Nuvei won the Payment Innovation prize.

Sojmark added: “We’d like to thank all the SBC Awards North America sponsors for their support and for helping to make this such a fantastic occasion.  We’re already looking forward to the second edition of the Awards in July 2022.”

The ceremony took place on the final evening of SBC Summit North America 2021, the leading conference and tradeshow for the sports betting and igaming sectors.
SBC Summit North America 2022 is set to take place on July 12-14, with Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey again the venue.