Must haves before launching an online sportsbook in Africa


No doubt sports betting is the key leader across most key markets in Africa however it’s important to keep in mind that online casino games are taking rocket sky growth too. Just like it is in the most advanced markets like the UK and the rest of Europe football is the most popular sport that bettors place bets on even though operators should look out for other sports coverage as these vary per market. E.g., in South Africa Horse racing, Tennis, and Cricket follow football whereas for most of the rest of the markets in Africa Tennis, Basketball and cricket take a secondary lead after football so these will definitely define turnover if coverage of sports offered in balance per market preference.

Virtual sports are very popular in markets that are mainly retail based whereas this is different in highly online faceted markets as online casino games have become secondary favorites after football even though for some markets virtual sports have proved to be a must-have product.

As mentioned earlier Online casino games are becoming very popular even though it’s important to note which providers one must have as their top inclusions on their platforms. The majority of sportsbooks have online casino games but their turnovers are still lagging behind because they haven’t taken into account which providers are favorites per specific markets. As experts in the region we are at your service to assist you make the best offering based on the market one may plan to establish their operations or are based.


Localization is key to commercial growth therefore is one of the key aspects operators must focus on as copy and paste will definitely cripple chances of succeeding in the region. When it comes to localization this entails product offering, services, operations, and modes of marketing & advertisement. Extensive research which would include all aspects of operations setup is very necessary I.e., from development strategies, marketing & advertisement, CRM systems and other tools that will best serve specific markets and then implement them is the best approach prior to investing heavily in marketing and advertisement that will yield very minimal results. Of course, constant analysis, development, and improvement are an essential part of the game too.

Lastly, localization player experience is also among the top priorities, which would allow the operator to create the most user-friendly journeys for each market.


The human factor is a very key factor of the equation too, operators should focus most on local professionals – employees/consultants who have experience and understand the best skills, and technical know-how when it comes to the implementation of most aspects of day-to-day operations.


In order to be fast and agile and to move with the pulse of the business, operators must invest heavily in the automation of processes. Every big idea should be automated immediately, and every human decision documented in a way that makes operating easy even for people who have never run a betting site together with local experience and know-how this combination will definitely be a great factor in driving success.

Payment methods

Mobile money is the most popular payment method across most key markets in Africa so this is a must-have and then other payment methods can be availed to as some advanced markets like South Africa have already advanced to top-level methods like those in the UK and the rest of Europe. While Mobile money is the most popular method of payment these differ based on specific markets e.g. Safaricom (Mpesa), Airtel & MTN are the leaders in most markets followed by other telecom providers like Vodafone, Glo, etc.

Compliance Expertise

Legal issues can greatly jeopardize the growth of the gambling business in some parts of Africa. The continent doesn’t have a long history in online gambling and while local authorities are figuring out the best frameworks to legalize betting, operators should be extremely adaptive as the legal frameworks are vastly different per market.

With very extensive experience across different markets in Africa having carried out marketing & advertisement campaigns for many tier-one African-based sportsbooks we are at your service to assist your operations get the desired market shares.

By Najib Balinda