Kenya leads in African gambling with 83.90% participation, Nigeria closely follows with 78%, and South Africa boasts 74% participation. Football dominates as the preferred sport for betting in most African countries. In the vibrant tapestry of Africa, gambling has emerged as a cultural phenomenon, especially among the youth.

GeoPoll’s surveys conducted in May 2017 and December 2021 have unveiled intriguing insights into the gambling habits of African nations.

Kenya takes center stage in African gambling, with a remarkable 83.90% of Kenyans admitting to trying their luck with gambling or betting. Surprisingly, this percentage has continued to grow despite regulatory measures.

Nigeria closely follows, with 78% of Nigerians confirming their participation in gambling. Notably, Nigerians also have the highest average monthly spending on bets.

South Africa, known for its diverse betting options, boasts 74% of respondents who indulge in gambling. Intriguingly, lotteries slightly edged out football (29.3% vs. 53%) as the most popular choice for betting.

For the East African coast, Tanzania, where 63% of respondents engage in betting, with football remaining the top choice. Uganda, too, has seen a surge in its betting culture, with 59% participating.

See key highlights below from all key gaming Markets in the continent

CountryPercentage of GamblersPreferred Betting Choice
South Africa74%Football


Source: Business Insider Africa

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