Iwo joined GGC in 2018 through multiple partnership agreements setup between different European & UK based companies in Africa, with over 30 years of experience in the gaming industry Iwo served as owner of Playbroker company, billiards industry, since 1990/1995. Twice as Vice President of the Polish Billiards Association, organizer of international billiards tournaments – since 1994/1995.

Organizer of international trade fairs of entertainment industry presented in Warsaw, Poland – WOAM 1995 (World of Amusement) and Co-Founder and partner of 4 operator companies network exploiting slot gaming machines (Nowopol Ltd, Stardust Ltd, Slot Ltd, Hot Fun Ltd).

Member, founder and long-time treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce of Operators and Producers of Entertainment Industry (IGPiOUR), Creator of the E-PLAY brand – a gambling branch brand related to the gambling industry since 2002, Publisher of 3 books and editor gambling magazine E-PLAY, long time journalist, also long-time member of the Polish Journalists Association (SDP).

Owner net of stores with gambling accessories under E-PLAY brand in Poland, as well as online store since 2010/2013, Lecturer at the Koźminski University (ALK) in Poland- subject of the lecture “classification of gambling” since 2018, Founder and CEO Buffalo Consultant Ltd, a business consulting company for the gambling industry on the African continent since 2019 and CEO, E-play Consulting Ltd – United Kingdom, Director in Buffalo Consultants Ltd, Uganda.