Key must haves before starting a sports betting operation in Africa


Sports, no doubt sports betting is the key leader across most key markets in Africa however it’s important to keep in mind that online casino games are taking rocket sky growth too. Just like it is in the most advanced markets like the UK and the rest of Europe football is the most popular sport that bettors place bets on even though operators should look out for other sports coverage as these vary per market. E.g., in South Africa Horse racing, Tennis, and Cricket follow football whereas for most of the rest of the markets in Africa Tennis, Basketball and cricket take a secondary lead after football so these will definitely define turnover if coverage of sports offered in balance per market preference.

Virtual sports are very popular in markets that are mainly retail based whereas this is different in highly online faceted markets as online casino games have become secondary favorites after football even though for some markets virtual sports have proved to be a must-have product not to mention the tremendous boost they acquired during over 24 months of lockdown that came about as a result of the unprecedented outbreak of covid-19.

Crash Games have also made their stand especially Aviator and Rocketman among others, there is a need to develop a full retail version that we believe will hypersonically blow the retail facet of the industry in Africa.

Online casino games are becoming very popular as mentioned earlier even though it’s important to note which providers one must have as their top inclusions on their platforms. The majority of sportsbooks have online casino games but their turnovers are still lagging behind because they haven’t taken into account which providers are favorites per specific markets. As experts in the region we are at your service to assist you make the best offering based on the market one may plan to establish their operations or are based.


Localization is key to commercial growth therefore is one of the key aspects operators must focus on as copy and paste will definitely cripple chances of succeeding in the region. When it comes to localization this entails product offering, services, operations, and modes of marketing & advertisement. Extensive research which would include all aspects of operations setup is very necessary I.e., from development strategies, marketing & advertisement, CRM systems and other tools that will best serve specific markets and then implement them is the best approach prior to investing heavily in marketing and advertisement that will yield very minimal results. Of course, constant analysis, development, and improvement are an essential part of the game too.

Lastly, localization player experience is also among the top priorities, which would allow the operator to create the most user-friendly journeys for each market.


The human factor is a very key factor of the equation too, operators should focus most on local professionals – employees/consultants who have experience and understand the best skills, and technical know-how when it comes to the implementation of most aspects of day-to-day operations.


In order to be fast and agile and to move with the pulse of the business, operators must invest heavily in the automation of processes. Every big idea should be automated immediately, and every human decision documented in a way that makes operating easy even for people who have never run a betting site together with local experience and know-how this combination will definitely be a great factor in driving success.

Payment methods

Mobile money is the most popular payment method across most key markets in Africa so this is a must-have and then other payment methods can be availed to as some advanced markets like South Africa have already advanced to top-level methods like those in the UK and the rest of Europe. While Mobile money is the most popular method of payment these differ based on specific markets e.g. Safaricom (Mpesa), Airtel & MTN are the leaders in most markets followed by other telecom providers like Vodafone, Glo, etc.

Compliance Expertise

Legal issues can greatly jeopardize the growth of the gambling business in some parts of Africa. The continent doesn’t have a long history in online gambling and while local authorities are figuring out the best frameworks to legalize betting, operators should be extremely adaptive as the legal frameworks are vastly different per market.

With very extensive experience across different markets in Africa having carried out marketing & advertisement campaigns for many tier-one African-based sportsbooks we are at your service to assist your operations get the desired market shares.

Why some sports betting operators are failing to succeed in Africa

You wouldn’t expect a pilot about to embark on a transatlantic flight to fail to run through his pre-take-off checks and review the weather forecast for the journey. So why would a business fail to engage in market research before setting out on a particular strategy, product launch, or important decision?

Pilots today face an increasingly complex array of factors they need to take into account — increased air traffic movements, gridlocked airports, more extreme weather events, and new technologies, which are supposed to make their lives easier and less stressful. Similarly, the business environment in Africa differs per market as each market has its own culture, beliefs, and traits which are faced by decision-makers today and are constantly changing.

We would like to extend our expert knowledge to all sports betting and online casino operators that have recently opened operations in Africa or plan to, due to tremendously increased mobile phone and internet penetration that came as a result of over 24 months of lockdowns that were brought about by the unprecedented outbreak of covid-19 to make sure you’re well prepared to succeed just like Pilots are always able to because they make sure to make checks prior their flights.

As fast as the iGaming industry in Africa is growing, please be advised not to jump on the train without taking your time to conduct feasibility market research about the market of your interest, to analyze key factors like what’s the ESTIMATED MARKET SIZE, KEY PLAYERS, POSSIBLE MARKET SHARES, BARRIERS TO ENTRY, LICENSING REQUIREMENTS AND COSTS, TAXATION & REGULATORY FRAMEWORKS, REPATRIATION OF FUNDS POLICY, DOUBLE TRADE AGREEMENTS, MARKETING & ADVERTISEMENT STRATEGIES among others. These feasibility market reports will help you make timely decisions while helping you mitigate the investment risk as well. We continue to see sports betting operators close shop after a few years or months of operations e.g., Betway Kenya & Uganda, 10bet Kenya, and Pulsebet Uganda among others as the list is long. While the factors are many that may have been the exact reason for their closure for example Poor marketing and advertisement strategies, product localization failure, wrong choice of market entry into Africa, gaming taxes etc. There’s no doubt most are avoidable if one takes time to prepare themselves and then launch when most boxes are ticked.

Allow us to assist you overcome all the obstacles that are hindering your revenues to take off if you’re starting to worry, for new operators let us assist you straight from feasibility market studies, license application & acquisition, marketing & advertisement, Operations setup, recruiting the right talent that will carry our experience & skills flagship for your long-term success.

The Influence of sports betting on the African Economies

Betting on sports is currently the most popular form of gambling in Africa. Adults and young locals are particularly fond of wagering on European football, e.g., the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and events like the World Cup. Other international sports also get a loyal following here, with many watching and supporting cricket, rugby, horse racing, and basketball. Sports, particularly the passion for soccer, is the bind for most regardless of their culture, language, religion, status, or political persuasion.

For example, roughly 60 million residents aged 18 to 40 actively bet on sports in Nigeria. According to the same survey, Nigerians bet an average of 3,000 Naira or $15 daily.

According to a South African government survey in 2017, sports betting grew 14% yearly from 2008 to 2016. Today, online sports betting makes up 45% of the country’s gambling market, a completely different picture from ten years ago when casinos had an 80% market share. And it’s the same trend in Southern, Central, East, and West Africa. So, it’s unsurprising that the African gambling industry was worth US$ 3,048.05 million in 2021 and will grow by 6.99% until 2030.

Betting on a $3bn gambling market and a dynamic African economy

While gambling and betting laws are contested issues in most parts of Africa, many benefit from its operations. Stories and anecdotes from the region reveal that many see the growing betting industry as a source of income. As betting grows, the economy benefits.

One segment that directly benefits from the industry is the group of small betting shops that often run promotions, including ‘betting points’ for every sports wager. With this regular promo, and during events like the World Cup, their sales go up.

Regional economies also benefit through a boost in employment opportunities. The sudden surge in betting companies has provided locals with employment options, with thousands of Africans working for local and foreign companies. Aside from direct employment, betting companies create jobs by allowing locals to become agents and run their betting outlets. There are partnerships and sponsorships also that benefit other stakeholders. For example, a few European bookmakers have partnered with the Nigeria Football Federation, while Bet9ja was a title sponsor for the Nigerian National League. The same bookmaker has a million-dollar partnership with Big Brother Naija, a popular reality TV show.

African sports betting is unique in that it grows not in isolation but in step with other industries, particularly IT, advertising, and banking. As a result, there’s a symbiotic relationship between the sectors as stakeholders, each benefitting from the other. And some even argue that sports betting has given more in return.

 South Africa

The South African betting market contributes to the region’s economy, which can exceed $2.3 billion by the end of 2023. It’s a significant number since South Africa’s GNP is the third highest in the region. Moreover, with a bigger share per capita, local bettors have more regional purchasing power, allowing them to bet more significant amounts in online sportsbooks and betting shops.


It’s the same story with Nigeria, Africa’s second-biggest gambling market. According to auditing firm PwC, the Gross Gaming Revenue in the country was $58 million in 2018, and at that time, the team projected that it would rise by 16% over five years. But in 2020, it moved past the  $443 million mark. The massive growth of gambling in Nigeria started in 2004 when the ban was lifted.


Kenya is another African country with a regulated betting industry. However, its growth slowed down with the introduction of restrictive tax laws. The Kenyan government introduced a 20% tax on bets and a 15% tax on the GGR. While it may benefit tax collections, it eventually backfired, with many operators leaving the Kenyan market.

In other African countries, sports betting’s contribution to their economies is not substantial or clear-cut due to strict laws and regulations. As mentioned, online gambling is illegal in 38 countries, and they still rely on colonial legislation.

 What’s ahead for sports betting and the African economy?

With these mindboggling data on bettors’ activities and revenues, it’s unsurprising that many African countries are looking to tighten tax laws and regulations and generate more revenues from the industry. As betting grows, so will its effect on the regional economy. So, the challenge for the governments and operators is finding a mutually beneficial arrangement for taxation.

And there are the social costs of sports betting, too. As one Uganda-based analyst suggests, the growth of sports betting “threatens to push young men and women into its fatal depths.” The government must consider the growing importance of betting to the African economy.

Source: African Business Communities

Sports Betting East African Summit 2023 is here!

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We at GGC have started sounding the alarms for the upcoming Sports Betting East Africa Summit (SBEA) by Eventus International taking place at Kabira country club in Kampala, Uganda from July 13-14 next month.

Eventus International is a gaming industry exhibition organizer that has been in the business of connecting gaming industry stakeholders for over a decade. With a proven combination of networking, sponsorship, and exhibiting opportunities across all its events that span the entire continent. These events bring industry insight, business development opportunities, knowledge sharing, and networking tributes bridging the gap between B2B and B2C operators thus bringing the gaming industry closer together and closer to achieving a collective goal.

Using their platforms, they offer bespoke sponsorship and exhibition opportunities that can easily position a brand to a targeted audience of professionals, and deliver a high ROI to companies looking to enter a market and/ or strengthen their brand presence.

Reach out for Sponsoring or Exhibiting opportunities at the upcoming Sports Betting East Africa Summit (SBEA+) 2023 for the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with key East African gaming industry stakeholders, acquire new business ideas from so many professional speakers that range from Regulatory boards and its C-level executives, Sports betting, casino and lottery operators, consultancy firms, Africa centric media firms, law firms among other delegates that will grace the show.

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Massive blow out of online casino games in Africa

While all football fans across the globe gear up for the crush of the Titans – Manchester City Vs Inter Milan on Saturday 10th for the UEFA Champions League finals in Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium, we at GGC are taking you on a virtual tour into the rapid growth of online casino games in Africa.

Although Africa does not have a uniform set of gaming laws that govern the entire continent, online gambling is experiencing an incredible rise, and at the moment, the focus is on mobile. More and more gamblers are using their smartphones for wagering, and thanks to that, the online casino industry is expected to surpass traditional land-based gambling in revenue.

The Growth of Online Gambling In Africa

The growth of online gambling in Africa is mostly backed by the increased availability of smartphones on the continent and the increase in internet penetration which blew out during over 24 months of lockdown across most African countries that came as a result of covid-19 outbreak. By the end of 2020, there were close to 495 million smartphone owners, which is almost half of the population. Moreover, the rise continued during the pandemic, as the third quarter of 2021 faced the arrival of 26 million smartphones to the African continent.

The increased smartphone ownership boosted the growth of online casino gaming, especially in countries like South Africa where the mobile device penetration is expected to reach 67% by 2026, the region is also experiencing more stable internet connections than ever, especially in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Egypt where the coverage is booming. For example, in 2020, there were 154 million internet users in Nigeria only, and the number continues to rise.

What’s making online casino games so Popular?

Online casino games are getting more attention from African players than ever, mainly because the majority were forced to bet online for over 24 months as all retail operations in most markets were shut down to reduce the spread of covid-19 paving the way for online casino games and also tremendously increased both internet and mobile phone penetration.

Convenience Using a mobile app for online gambling allows the players to enjoy their favorite time on the go, any time they want, which is totally different from retail/land-based gaming where a player would have to dedicate time to go and visit a physical venue. Moreover, going to a land-based establishment sometimes also means waiting in lines to get a seat at a particular table or a slot machine, which is not the case with gaming on mobile phones. Digital gambling has no limits when it comes to the number of seats and the availability of games. As long as players have a proper mobile device and a stable internet connection, they can have fun whenever they wish. Also, internet gambling adds more privacy and a greater feeling of security to the whole experience, since players don’t have to be surrounded by fellow punters as they play.

Attractive Bonuses

Mobile gamers enjoy the incredible offerings of bonus rewards and promotions. From the moment a punter opens up an account, they continuously receive different prizes, and some of them do not even require real money deposits. All the top casino sites continue racing to attract new users and keep the existing ones with promotions like deposit bonuses, free spins, cash rewards, and many others. Some platforms also developed VIP programs where the members are treated with premium rewards that cannot be claimed by regular users. However, each operator has its own set of rules that control the use of bonuses, and before punters claim any of the rewards, they must follow all key terms and conditions.

Variety of Games

Players who stick to land-based establishments are always limited to the selection of games available on the floor, which may not be an issue for gamblers who can access a large list of online casino games from various providers, from classics like pokers, roulettes, slots, and blackjack, to more advanced options like video poker and live dealer sessions, everything at fingertips.

The future of mobile gaming in Africa definitely looks bright, and the continent is likely to continue pursuing its passion for gambling through smartphones and other devices. As technological advancements continue to boost mobile penetration on the continent, even more Africans will be able to enjoy the convenience and all the amazing benefits of internet gambling.

Conclusion: Africa is the future hub of online casinos

2023 International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) Conference is in Action

While most iGaming professionals are gearing up for the iGaming Next show in Valletta on 21-22 JUNE, The International Association of Gaming Regulators 2023 conference doors are open too!

International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) is a leading international industry body for gaming and gambling regulators, that was established in the early 1980s as an adjunct to the International Association of Gaming Attorneys, IAGR became an incorporated non-profit association in 2011 and in doing so started to provide a voice for governments, gaming regulatory agencies and personnel, and representatives from the international gaming industry representing jurisdictions and regulators across the globe, IAGR informs, advocates educates, protects, and unifies members.

IAGR provides a forum for gaming regulators from around the world to meet, learn best practice techniques & strategies, network, and exchange views, share information, and discuss legislation, policies, and procedures which are the core structures that shape gaming markets through their respective regulators across the globe.

From Cape Town, South Africa in 2011, Singapore in 2012, Oslo -Norway 2013, Philadelphia – United States 2014, Lima – Peru 2015, Sydney – Australia 2016, Johannesburg – South Africa 2017, Copenhagen – Denmark 2018, Montego Bay – Jamaica 2019, Boston – United States 2021, Melbourne – Australia 2022 the IAGR conference is this year going to beautiful Botswana at the Grand Palm Hotel Casino Convention Resort from the 16th – 19th OCTOBER 2023.

With C-level speakers like Andrew Rhodes, Chief Executive – Gambling Commission, UK, Earle. Hall, Chairman, International Gaming Standards Association & CEO @, Rachel Volberg, Research Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sibongile Simelane-Quntana, Executive Director, South African Responsible Gambling Foundation among others IAGR presents a chance to network with global peers.

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